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Kunu  - Girl With Skin Line, 1959
Galerie Kunu
Saimaiyu Akesuk - Checkered Bear, 2018-16
Galerie Saimaiyu Akesuk
Shekoaloak Akesuk - Young Woman, 1959
Galerie Shekoaloak Akesuk
Malaya Akulukjuk - Testing Thin Ice, 1977
Galerie Malaya Akulukjuk
Davidialuk Alasua Amittu - EskimoWoman Arriving At Tungak's Camp, 1976
Galerie Davidialuk Alasua Amittu
Thomasie Alikatuktuk - Time Of Feasting, 1978
Galerie Thomasie Alikatuktuk
Peter Aliknak - Good Catch, 1973
Galerie Peter Aliknak
Margaret Toodlik Amarook - Skin Tents, 1971
Galerie Margaret Toodlik Amarook
Syollie Amituk - Mask With Tattoo, 1961
Galerie Syollie Amituk
Luke Angohadluq - Grandmother With Ulu, 1982
Galerie Luke Angohadluq
Tony Anguhalluq - Two Inuit Are Out Fishing For The Weekend
Galerie Tony Anguhalluq
Luke Anowtalik - Caribou Hunt/chasse au caribou
Galerie Luke Anowtalik
Germaine Arnaktauyok - Moon Spirit II
Galerie Germaine Arnaktauyok
Arnaqu Ashevak - Paddling Home, 2002
Galerie Arnaqu Ashevak
Kenojuak  Ashevak - Rabbit Eating Seaweed II
Galerie Kenojuak Ashevak
Suvinai Ashoona - Tentacles, 2018-24
Galerie Suvinai Ashoona
Kumwartok  Ashoona - Angels Beckon
Galerie Kumwartok Ashoona
Pitseolak Ashoona - Caribou Hunt, 1964
Galerie Pitseolak Ashoona
Mayoreak Ashoona - Bedazzled, 2014-08
Galerie Mayoreak Ashoona
Soroseelutu Ashoona - Mother Owl and Babies, 1970
Galerie Soroseelutu Ashoona
Kudjuajuk  Ashoona - Sunday Afternoon 2015-12
Galerie Kudjuajuk Ashoona
Siasi Atitu - Blocking Seal Hole, 1964
Galerie Siasi Atitu
Irene Avaalaaqiaq - Fear of the Dark
Galerie Irene Avaalaaqiaq
 Calendar - Cape Dorset 2016 Calendar/Calendrier Cape Dorset 2016
Galerie Calendar
Lucassie Echalook - Family At Caribou Hunting Camp In Summer, 1976
Galerie Lucassie Echalook
Thomasie Echalook - Composition, 1973
Galerie Thomasie Echalook
Mark Emerak - Strategem, 1977
Galerie Mark Emerak
Marjorie Esa - Goose, 1980
Galerie Marjorie Esa
Etidloie Etidloie - Geese Feeding, 1970
Galerie Etidloie Etidloie
Kellypalik Etidlooie - Giant Bird In A Canoe, 1980
Galerie Kellypalik Etidlooie
Kingmeata Etidlooie - Strange Fish, 1981
Galerie Kingmeata Etidlooie
Sheojuk Etidlooie - Blue Owl, 1997
Galerie Sheojuk Etidlooie
Tivi Etook - Hunting For Caribou, 1974
Galerie Tivi Etook
Tommy  Evik - The Sory Of Kupaq, 1977
Galerie Tommy Evik
Eckalook Goo - Inuit, 1981
Galerie Eckalook Goo
Rex Kangoak Goose - Blanket Toss, 1984
Galerie Rex Kangoak Goose
Mary Igiu - People of the Sea, 1961
Galerie Mary Igiu
Luke Iksiktaaryuk - Fishing Through The Ice, 1971
Galerie Luke Iksiktaaryuk
Thomas Iksiraq - Nunavut Faces
Galerie Thomas Iksiraq
Philippa Iksiraq - Wolf Rabbit
Galerie Philippa Iksiraq
Abraham Iksiraq - Dark Call, Light Path
Galerie Abraham Iksiraq
Daniel Inukpuk -  The Night Game, 1976
Galerie Daniel Inukpuk
Bessie Scottie Iquginnaaq - Inuit On The Land, 2002
Galerie Bessie Scottie Iquginnaaq
Juanisialu Irqumia - A Dog Attacking A Bear, 1979
Galerie Juanisialu Irqumia
Eleesapee Ishulutak - Crossing The Land, We Surprised A Rabbit, 1976
Galerie Eleesapee Ishulutak
Martha Ittulukatnak - Untitled, ca. 1970 (ref:02)/dessin sans titre, ca. 1970 (ref:02)
Galerie Martha Ittulukatnak
Mialia Jaw - Stolen Bannock
Galerie Mialia Jaw
Josephee Kakee - Ptarmigan, 1974
Galerie Josephee Kakee
Helen Kalvak - Under The Stars, 1968
Galerie Helen Kalvak
Jimmy Kamimmalik - Road to the Mine
Galerie Jimmy Kamimmalik
Jessie Kanalogak - Walking for Survival
Galerie Jessie Kanalogak
Solomon Karpik - Fishing, 1977
Galerie Solomon Karpik
Pauloosie Karpik - Our Cache And Sleeping Place, 1976
Galerie Pauloosie Karpik
Melia Kelly - Bountiful Sea
Galerie Melia Kelly
Siassie Kenneally - Cold Kettle, 2014-34
Galerie Siassie Kenneally
Mary Kiakshout - She Will Devour The Wolf Man, But His Head She Will Save, 1971
Galerie Mary Kiakshout
 Kiakshuk - Chasing Geese Into Pens, 1964
Galerie Kiakshuk
Janet Kigusiuq - Untitled, Figures and Boat (ref:59)/ sans titre (ref:59)
Galerie Janet Kigusiuq
Hannah Kigusiuq - Celebration
Galerie Hannah Kigusiuq
Peter Kilabuk - Jealousy, 1978
Galerie Peter Kilabuk
Iyola Kingwatsiak - Untitled, 1962/sans titre, 1962
Galerie Iyola Kingwatsiak
Qaluituk Kingwatsiaq - Tarrilikitaarq (Butterfly)
Galerie Qaluituk Kingwatsiaq
Ettusa Kingwatsiaq - Hop 2015-29
Galerie Ettusa Kingwatsiaq
Stanley Klengenberg - One Chance, 1982
Galerie Stanley Klengenberg
Mary Kudjuakju - Strange Scene,ca. 1970
Galerie Mary Kudjuakju
Myra Kukiiyaut - The Beast, 1971
Galerie Myra Kukiiyaut
Mona Ohoveluk Kuneyuna - Dog Packing, 1979
Galerie Mona Ohoveluk Kuneyuna
Victoria Mamnguqsualuk - Untitled/sans titre
Galerie Victoria Mamnguqsualuk
Kellypalik Mangitak - Arctic Gull, 1959
Galerie Kellypalik Mangitak
Kavavow Mannomee - Song of Abundance, 2018-19
Galerie Kavavow Mannomee
Lucy Meeko - Study, 1973
Galerie Lucy Meeko
Noah Meeko - Bear Hunt, 1972
Galerie Noah Meeko
Jimmy Memorana - Archer and Caribou, 1965
Galerie Jimmy Memorana
Ohotaq Mikkigak - Joyful Loon, 2014-18
Galerie Ohotaq Mikkigak
Annie Mikpigak - Caribou, 1964
Galerie Annie Mikpigak
Norval Morrisseau - Ojibway Medicine Man
Galerie Norval Morrisseau
Agnes Nanogak - Etiktayak, 1984
Galerie Agnes Nanogak
Henry Napartuk - Nuliayuk With Two Birds, 1963
Galerie Henry Napartuk
Sarah Niungittuq - Flying Over The Camp, 1972
Galerie Sarah Niungittuq
 Niviaksiak - Eskimo Summer Tent, 1959
Galerie Niviaksiak
 Niviaksiak - The Archer, 1960
Galerie Niviaksiak
Pitseolak Niviaqsi - Sheltered Calf (2016-14)
Galerie Pitseolak Niviaqsi
William Noah - The Skeletoned Caribou, 1973
Galerie William Noah
Mosesee Novakeel - Happy With Their Lives, 1977
Galerie Mosesee Novakeel
Ningiukulu  Nungusuituk - Glowing Kudlik (16-27)
Galerie Ningiukulu Nungusuituk
Tivi Nuvalinga - Povungnituk Lake, 1972
Galerie Tivi Nuvalinga
Mona Ohoveluk - Fishing For Kanayoks, 1982
Galerie Mona Ohoveluk
Jessie Oonark - Singing Northern Lights, 1985
Galerie Jessie Oonark
Anirnik Oshuitoq - Arnakotak (Tall Lady) , 1961
Galerie Anirnik Oshuitoq
Ningeeuga Osuitok - Taleelayo (1968)
Galerie Ningeeuga Osuitok
Timothy Ottochie - Untitled, 1962 (#59)/sans titre, 1962 (#59)
Galerie Timothy Ottochie
Tivi Paningajak - Hunter Carrying Caribou On His Back, 1975
Galerie Tivi Paningajak
Josie Papialuk - The Hunter Startles The Nesting Birds, 1976
Galerie Josie Papialuk
Flossie Papidluk - Fight For A Woman, 1977
Galerie Flossie Papidluk
Nuna Parr - Hunting Bear (17-14)
Galerie Nuna Parr
 Eleeshushe Parr - Strange Birds, ca. 1970
Galerie Eleeshushe Parr
 Parr - Four Women, 1962
Galerie Parr
Annie Parr - Roaming Bears (17-11)
Galerie Annie Parr
Ulayu Pingwartok - Woman Tending Fire, 1964
Galerie Ulayu Pingwartok
Peter Pitseolak - Polar Bears, 1975
Galerie Peter Pitseolak
Aggeok Pitseolak - Camp Scene, ca. 1970
Galerie Aggeok Pitseolak
Tim Pitsiulak - Ancient Walrus Skull (2016-08)
Galerie Tim Pitsiulak
Lipa Pitsiulak - Spirit Of The Land, 1974
Galerie Lipa Pitsiulak
Annie Pitsiulak - The Lamp Won't Stay Still, 1977
Galerie Annie Pitsiulak
Kananginak Pootoogook - Tumbling Walrus, 2003
Galerie Kananginak Pootoogook
Sarni Pootoogook - Buntings, 1964
Galerie Sarni Pootoogook
Napachie Pootoogook - Women Today, 1989
Galerie Napachie Pootoogook
Annie Pootoogook - The Homecoming
Galerie Annie Pootoogook
Itee Pootoogook - Sunlit Interior, 2014-02
Galerie Itee Pootoogook
Shouyu Pootoogook - Ducks Feeding, 1964
Galerie Shouyu Pootoogook
Malaija Pootoogook - Early Lesson (2016-18)
Galerie Malaija Pootoogook
Cee  Pootoogook - Surfacing Bear, 2018-14
Galerie Cee Pootoogook
Josephie Pootoogook - With The Raven Comes The Fish, 1959
Galerie Josephie Pootoogook
Malaija Pootoogook - Clash (17-18)
Galerie Malaija Pootoogook
Pudlat Pootoogook - Alert Owls, 1964
Galerie Pudlat Pootoogook
Pudlo Pudlat - untitled, 1977 (ref:975)/sans titre, 1977 (ref:975)
Galerie Pudlo Pudlat
Mary Pudlat - Guided By Stars, 1998
Galerie Mary Pudlat
Aoudla Pudlat - Bird of Baffin, 1981
Galerie Aoudla Pudlat
Innukjuakju Pudlat - Three Canada Geese, 1960
Galerie Innukjuakju Pudlat
Quvianaqtuk Pudlat - Aerial Courtship, 2018-29
Galerie Quvianaqtuk Pudlat
Andrew Qappik - Rabbit Hunting, 1978
Galerie Andrew Qappik
Peter Qaritaiyuk - Loon Nestin In THe Middle Of The Lake, 1988
Galerie Peter Qaritaiyuk
Harold Qarliksaq - Hunting from Kayaks, 1972
Galerie Harold Qarliksaq
Ruth Qaulluaryuk - Untitled (Caribou, Muskoxen and Wolves in a Landscape), 2001/sans titre, 2001
Galerie Ruth Qaulluaryuk
Lukta Qiatsuk - Canada Geese Nesting Ground, 1959
Galerie Lukta Qiatsuk
Tikitu Qinnuayuak - I Recall How We Used to Hunt, 1964
Galerie Tikitu Qinnuayuak
Lucy Quinnauyuak - Hunter And Woman Approaching Two Spirits, 1965
Galerie Lucy Quinnauyuak
Levi Qumaluk - Emerging Seal, 1972
Galerie Levi Qumaluk
Josie Qumaluk - Watching Agloo, 1961
Galerie Josie Qumaluk
Leah Qumaluk - Woman Trying To Feed Her Young At Home, 1979
Galerie Leah Qumaluk
Nujalia Quvianaqtuliaq - Going Home to cape Dorset by Boat
Galerie Nujalia Quvianaqtuliaq
 Eegyvadluk Ragee - Young Raven, 1969
Galerie Eegyvadluk Ragee
 Saggiak - Untitled (1962-61)/sans-titre (1962-61)
Galerie Saggiak
Pauojoungie Saggiak - Spirit in the Limelight, 2016 (2018-10)
Galerie Pauojoungie Saggiak
Kakulu Sagiatuk - Counting Caribou (17-9)
Galerie Kakulu Sagiatuk
Pitaloosie Saila - Sea Pigeon, 1970
Galerie Pitaloosie Saila
Pauta Saila - Bird With Fish, 1968
Galerie Pauta Saila
Ooloosie Saila - Ornamental Owl (17-13)
Galerie Ooloosie Saila
Pudlo Samajualie - Amiarutiit (Brushes)
Galerie Pudlo Samajualie
Nicotye Samayualie - Morning Breeze (17-12)
Galerie Nicotye Samayualie
Padloo Samayualie - Pebble Woman, 2018-25
Galerie Padloo Samayualie
Eliyakota Samuellie - Summer Bird, 1976
Galerie Eliyakota Samuellie
Axangayuk Shaa - Wounded Caribou, 1961
Galerie Axangayuk Shaa
Simon Shaimaiyuk - Captain Of The Ice-bound Whaler, 1978
Galerie Simon Shaimaiyuk
Paulosie Sivuak - String Figure Of A Seal Oil Lamp, 1961
Galerie Paulosie Sivuak
Thomassie Sivuarapik - Hunter Attacking Caribou, 1961
Galerie Thomassie Sivuarapik
Thomas Sivuraq - Wild Spirits, 1971
Galerie Thomas Sivuraq
Geela Sowdluapik - Seal Hide Skipping, 1980
Galerie Geela Sowdluapik
Joe Talirunili - Shipwreck, 1968
Galerie Joe Talirunili
Tom Tatanuak - Bumble-Bees
Galerie Tom Tatanuak
Jamasie Teevee - Birds Frightened By Bears, 1973
Galerie Jamasie Teevee
Ningeokuluk Teevee - Surusiq Natsiaruqtuq (The Boy Turns into a Seal), 2018-06
Galerie Ningeokuluk Teevee
Simeonie  Teevee - Saputiit (Handmade Fish Weir 17-20)
Galerie Simeonie Teevee
Angotigaluk Teevee - Dream Flower, 1964
Galerie Angotigaluk Teevee
Lucassie Tookalook - Woman Cleaning a Boy's Clothes and Two Men Going Seal Hunting, 1977
Galerie Lucassie Tookalook
Simon Tookoome - Qarhuaq Becomes a Shaman (1979)
Galerie Simon Tookoome
Jutai Toonoo - New Age Christ
Galerie Jutai Toonoo
 Tuckyashuk - Kayak Hunter, 1963
Galerie Tuckyashuk
 Tudlik - Excited Man Forgets His Weapon, 1959
Galerie Tudlik
Papiara Tukiki - Woollybear Caterpillar, 2014 (2018-21)
Galerie Papiara Tukiki
Ruth Annaqtuusi  Tulurialik - Shaman Fighting Spririts
Galerie Ruth Annaqtuusi Tulurialik
Marion Tuu'luuq - Umingmak Surrounded by Dogs, 1983
Galerie Marion Tuu'luuq
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