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2019 Cape Dorset Print Collection
Ooloosie Saila
Preview of this years Dorset Collection: Official opening October 19, 2019
September 7 - Nov 15, 2019

     We are  very pleased to present the 2019 Cape Dorset print collection comprised  of 32 images by 17 different artists. This is another wonderful group of  artworks in a variety of media including stonecut, lithography, etching  & aquatint, etc. There are a few new faces in this collection and  there are a couple of works by artists who have previously only been  known for their carving skills.

     This is  our 42nd year of offering the Fall print collection. Much has changed  over the last 40 years. I have fond memories of people waiting patiently  in line in order to purchase prints on opening day. For better or  worse, the internet seems to have changed how people acquire their  prints. Instead of waiting in line, clients now prefer to surf the web  to find galleries willing to lock in reservations prior to opening day.  As a result, while we are contractually forbidden from selling the  prints before the official opening date of October 19th, we will now  allow our clients to reserve images prior to the opening.

While no  invoicing will be done prior to October 19th, we will reserve prints on a  first come, first served basis effective immediately. Reservations will  be processed in the order received. We will let you know if we can  confirm your reservation.

Ningiukulu Teevee
Saimaiyu Akesuk
Ohito Ashoona
Olooreak Etungat
Enoosik Ottokie
Pee Ashevak
Qavavau Manumie
Ooloosie Saila
Mosesie Mangitak
Padloo Samayualie
Nicotye Samayualie
Pauojoungie Saggiak
Killiktee Killiktee
Sita Saila
Pitaloosie Saila
Nuna Parr
Quvianaqtuk Pudlat

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