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Pangnirtung Print Promotion
Josephee Kakee
September 1 - Sept 30, 2020

Galerie Elca London has been featuring Inuit graphics since the early 1970's. In that time we have presented collections from all the major Inuit printmaking communities. These include, but are not limited to, Baker Lake, Cape Dorset, Clyde River, Holman Island, & Povungnituk. Many of these collections, particularly in the 1970's featured 50 - 60 different prints. While some collections were stronger than others, none of them were sellouts. As a result, in the mid 1980's we found ourselves with an inventory of hundreds of prints from across the arctic. Some communities ceased their printmaking operations but we were forced to make to make the difficult but pragmatic decision to focus our efforts on the Cape Dorset print collection.

Our large inventory of pan-arctic prints decreased over the ensuing years and for the last couple of decades the gallery has focused on Cape Dorset graphics in the primary market but, since I have a great love of Baker Lake prints from the 1970's, our selection of secondary market prints always features wonderful works from Baker.

Since we occasionally buy entire collections, there are numerous acquisitions which include graphics from Pangnirtung or Povungnituk, etc. These are pieces that are of good quality fall outside the primary focus of the gallery. In addition, they take up much needed space in our storage drawers and print displays. With the expected arrival of the 2020 annual Cape Dorset graphics collection slated to open on October 17th, I have decided to offer special incentives on our collection of Pangnirtung graphics (and tapestries!) in order to free up some storage space and print sleeves.

In order to free up some space in our print drawers to make way for the inbound Cape Dorset 2020 annual graphics collection we are offering an exciting promotion on all Pangnirtung prints and tapestries throughout the month of September.

All Pangnirtung prints are being offered at 30% off of the listed price. The discount increases to 35% with the purchase of 2 or more Pangnirtung prints. You can also be creative and pair your Pang prints with our other graphics from Cape Dorset (except the 2020 collection), Baker Lake, etc. and receive a discount of 35% off the Pangnirtung piece and a 10% discount on prints from other communities (all subject to prior sale).

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