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Feast or Famine: All In The Family
Jessie Oonark
March 29 - Apr 29, 2018

  In the context of this exhibition, feast or famine refer not to the very real food concerns of Inuit past and present but rather to the serendipitous nature of the gallery inventory. There are certain artists whose works, for whatever reason, are impossible to find one day and then are seemingly in abundance the next. The impetus for this loosely woven group of sculptures and graphics was the arrival, through several sources, of six sculptures by Mathew Aqgaaq (1940-2010). Mathew was the son of one of my personal favourite artists Martha Ittulukatnak (1912-D). Perhaps not by coincidence, the gallery recently acquired two wonderful Martha drawings from ca. 1970.

Expanding on the mother and child relationship between the two artists listed above, I looked around the gallery for other quality works by powerful matriarchs and their artistic progeny. It wasn't too difficult to quickly come up with Pitseolak Ashoona (1904-1983) and her sons Kaka and Kiawak and daughters Kumwartok Ashoona and Napatchie Pootoogook. Also from Cape Dorset is the spectacular Kenojuak Ashevak and her son, the late Arnaqu Ashevak. Baker Lake is represented not only by Mathew & Martha but also by the stellar Jessie Oonark and her daughter Janet Kigusiuq.

The famine partof the exhibition is that while I would like to present works by several of the other equally talented progeny of the above artists there simply aren't any currently on offer. Who knows what tomorrow might bring!


Jessie Oonark
Two Fish Looking For Something To Eat, 1978
22 x 30 in.  Serigraph/Serigraphie
Jessie Oonark
Men Hunting Animals, 1978
22.5 x 30 in.  Serigraph/Serigraphie
Jessie Oonark
Little Circle, 1973
11 x 11 in.  Stencil/Pochoir
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