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Inuit Graphics From A Private Collection
Luke Angohadluq
December 5 - Dec 31, 2015

    This eclectic group of images all hail from the collection of a Montrealer with a lifelong passion for Inuit art.Over the span of several decades he amassed a collection of hundreds of graphics from every major printmaking community in the Canadian Arctic with a primary focus on Cape Dorset and Baker Lake. This group of works from Dorset and Baker Lake centers around the collectors' two favourite artists; Kenojuak Ashevak and Jessie Oonark but also features works by their contemporaries. The works span four decades of collecting as well as artistic production.

Luke Angohadluq
Hunter And His Kayak, 1978
15.75 x 20.75 in.  Serigraph/Serigraphie
Luke Angohadluq
Qiviuq Crossing the Ocean, 1978
21.5 x 31 in.  Serigraph/Serigraphie
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